About the Artist: Priscilla Glenn

BiographyPriscilla Glenn

“There is no place in the art world for women” my male high school art teacher (from the dark ages) cautioned. Due to my college art teachers encouragement I paid no heed and entered Pratt Institute in New York City. My major was Textile Design and one of my designs hung in the textile show in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In my second year I free lanced selling my work to design studios in New York City. I later accepted a position with one of them to work in their design studio until married several years later.

Following our honeymoon the Army sent my husband to the Korean War and I worked in an art store in San Francisco where I started oil painting. Then, as an Army wife moving around the world. I studied and entered shows until my husband’s retirement from the Army in 1978 and we settled in Atlanta, Georgia. As a professional artist I enjoy being involved with art groups, and showing and selling my work. I am pleased to say my paintings have found homes from Maine to France and points beyond.


Landscapes are the world! Think about it. Included are foreign countries with their unusual architecture and cultural beauty, nature with the mountains scenes, rushing water and city panoramas. Once I thought I would never paint these things because nature was too beautiful to be able to capture it in a painting. I do get emotional about it now but I do my best capture that beauty. For the above oils seem to be the best choice.

Pen and Ink is your best work" That’s my husband speaking. I really enjoy this medium. My work is very, very detailed. You really have to know how to draw, that’s for sure and fortunately I grew up drawing. To me there are subjects that shout ” This is to be done in Pen and Ink”. Some people prefer colorless pen and ink but others like color on top of ink drawing. For this I use watercolor.

My family of TEDDY BEARS romp in a swimming pool, on a golf course, on the beach, on a ski slope…..any place where people have fun they do too. I use Gouache a medium that can be opaque or transparent when diluted with water. I feel it is especially appropriate to this work because of the bright colors and an easy medium for me since it was what I used in Textile Designing. Both children and adults can enjoy these paintings. I have fun painting them.